2012 Owner’s Tournament Review

The Blue Wave team had a blast at the 15th Annual Family & Fun Owner’s Tournament!

We want to thank each and every one of you who came this year. It takes each of you to make this event a success. We had several Blue Wave owners who were awarded pins for their years of attendance to the tournament. Several received 5 year pins, 10 year pins, and some were even awarded a 15 year pin for never missing an Owner’s Tournament. The Owner’s Tournament is our favorite time of year, it gives us a chance to say thank you to the people who make Blue Wave what it is, you! We gave away dozens of rod & reel combos from Penn ., countless Buck Knives, a huge number of Quantum and Zebco rod & reel combos. We gave away Poseidon flooring for 1 Blue Wave, a free engine flush from Gulf Coast Marine, tackle boxes, boat cleaning kits, Blue Wave apparel, lots of fishing accessories and much more. Andrews Distributing provided us with plenty of Miller Beer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and much more both nights of the tournament. Suzuki Marine and Mercury Marine also were major sponsors of the tournament. Pizzeria Port “A” served some awesome pizza on Friday night. On Saturday we enjoyed a concert by the Nathan Mathis Band.

Pimp My Wave

Pimp My Wave was the highlight of the event. Gary Moore was this year’s winner. We are making plans now to bring Mr. Moore’s boat back to the factory and “pimp it out”. For those of you who don’t know what Pimp My Wave is, you can watch last year’s winner Joe Miller here.

Tournament Results

And of course there was lots of fishing, here are the results of the tournament.

Men’s Trout

1st. 6.85# James Hicks 2nd. 4.30# Brian Bennett

Men’s Redfish

1st. 7.50# Doug Resendez 2nd. 7.10# Carl Jordan Jr.

Women’s Trout

1st. 3.95# Anna Campbell 2nd. 3.40# Sharon Wayman

Women’s Redfish

1st. 7.85# Kelley Bell 2nd. 6.10# Judy Foster

Children’s Trout

1st. 2.75# Kacie Northam 2nd. 2.35# Hunter McFarland

Children’s Redfish

1st. 6.70# Ty Beal 2nd. 4.05# Cash Copeland

Big Fish Category

Flounder: 3.60# Cliff Fambrough Hard Head: 1.60# Ashley Natus King Fish: 12.25# Devin Dees Drum: 7.40# Randy Brauckman Oversized Red: 14.50# Kathleen Caffey Gafftop: 2.75# Roy Blize Artificial Trout: 3.45# Kyle Bennet Artificial Red: 4.45# Gary Burich Triple Crown: 10.76# Clem Bauer

Photo Gallery

These pics are all on Facebook as well. If you’re in one, go to our Facebook page and tag yourself.

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Thank you to everyone who came! We appreciate you all!

2013 Tournament

Make plans to attend the 16th Annual Family & Fun Owner’s Tournament in Port Aransas on July 26th & 27th, 2013. See you there!