Pimp My Wave 2009 Part 1 Blue Wave Boats

Blue Wave Boats gives away a full boat customization every year to one lucky Blue Wave owner. Many sponsors help   make this possible: BRP / Evinrude, Teleflex, KeelShield, Specialty Fabricators, Hexion, ProMariner, Sony, Sharpline, Custom Mold & Tint, Bob’s Machine Shop. We “Pimp Out” 1 Blue Wave bay boat per year. Inshore fishing doesn’t get better than in a Blue Wave. We fish for Shad Bumper Croaker Needlefish Silverside Atlantic Thread Herring Bay Anchovy Bay Whiff Bayou Killifish Black Drum Common Snook Diamond Killifish Gafftopsail Catfish Grass Porgy Gulf Killifish Gulf Menhaden Pipefish Toadfish Hardhead Catfish Hogchoker Jolthead Porgy Knobbed Porgy Ladyfish Littlehead Porgy Lizardfish Naked Goby Pigfish Pinfish Rainwater Killifish Redfish Red Porgy Ribbon Fish Sailfin Molly Saltmarsh Topminnow Sand Trout Sculpin Sheepshead Sheepshead Minnow Silver Perch Speckled Trout Speckled Worm Eel Spot Spottail Pinfish Southern Flounder Stargazer Stingray Striped Anchovy Majorra Mullet Tomtate Violet Goby White Grunt Whiting African Pompano Almaco Jack Amberjack Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Bonita Sharpnose Shark Spadefish Ballyhoo Banded Rudderfish Bank Sea Bass Barracuda Bermuda Chub Blackfin Snapper Blackfin Tuna Blacktip Shark Black Grouper Sea Bass Bluefish Blue Marlin Bonnethead Bull Cero Mackerel Cobia Coney Copper Shark Cownose Ray Cubera Dog Dusky Gray Snapper Gulf Flounder Hogfish Horse-Eye Jack Crevalle Jewfish King Mackerel Lane Lemon Lionfish Little Tunny Lookdown Mahogany Mutton Nurse Palometa Permit Pompano Queen Rainbow Runner Red Remora Rock Hind Grouper Sailfish Sandbar Sand Tiger Scad Scalloped Hammerhead Scamp Schoolmaster Shortfin Mako Silk Silver Seatrout Skipjack Smooth Puffer Snake Spanish Spinner Spotted Eagle Ray Tarpon Thresher Shark Tilefish Tiger Triggerfish Tripletail Vermilion Wahoo Warsaw Whale White Marlin Whitefin Sharksucker Yellowfin Gulf of Mexico