Owners FAQ's

Blue Wave Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions here at Blue Wave Boats.

If your questions are not answered here please contact your Authorized Dealer by entering your zip code in the Dealer Locator on the home page. Or if you prefer to email Blue Wave Boats send questions to Contact Us.

Q. How do I find my nearest dealer?

A. Enter your zip code in the dealer locator located at the top of your screen. You may also call us directly at 405-382-0349.

Q. How may I get a Blue Wave Boat Brochure?

A. Go to the print brochure page & request a print brochure to be mailed to you.  We will be happy to send it.  Or, you can immediately download a PDF version of the brochure HERE.

Q. May I take a tour of the Blue Wave Manufacturing Facility?

A. Blue Wave Boats welcomes all visitors for plant tours. We are currently available for tours Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Please call 405-382-0349 and speak with the Customer Service Representative to schedule your tour.

Q. How may I obtain parts and accessories for my Blue Wave Boat?

A. To order parts, contact your local Authorized Blue Wave Boat dealer and supply them with the hull number of your boat (located on the outside transom area to the right of the motor.)

Q. May I buy a boat directly from Blue Wave Boats?

A. Blue Wave Boats are sold only through authorized dealers. It's a great system. Our dealers are independent business people just like many of our customers. Selling and servicing boats is their livelihood. To sell a boat directly to a retail customer would violate the trust and system that we have agreed to utilize. From a customer's perspective, the network of authorized Blue Wave Boat Dealers ensures that you can see a variety of models that Blue Wave Offers without making a trip to Oklahoma. Blue Wave Boat Dealers can also provide service on your Blue Wave Boat and outboard motor.

Q. How do I transfer the warranty on my Blue Wave Boat?

A. Blue Wave Boats offers a one-time transferable warranty at no fee to the purchaser. Blue Wave Boats must receive warranty transfer within 10 days of sale along with a notarized copy of the bill of sale. The original owner's warranty card must be on file at Blue Wave Boats. Please send the notarized copy of the bill of sale to:

Blue Wave Boats
711 Boren Blvd
Seminole, OK 74868
ATTN: Customer Service/Warranty Transfer

Q. Can I take my Blue Wave Boat to a Non-Blue Wave Boat dealer for service?

A. If your Blue Wave Boat is still under warranty, Blue Wave would prefer you take your boat to an authorized Blue Wave dealer for boat-related repairs. If you have moved, contact your selling Blue Wave Boat dealer for further information about Blue Wave dealers in your new boating area.

Q. How do I determine what my Blue Wave Boat is worth?

A. You may obtain blue book pricing on your Blue Wave Boat, 1996 - present at http://www.nadaguides.com/.

Q. When and What is the Blue Wave Boat Owners Tournament?

A. The Blue Wave Boat Owners Family and Fun Tournament is an event that celebrates the loyal Blue Wave Customer. This event has been going on since 1997 and is the largest one of its kind on the Gulf Coast. It is currently held in Port Aransas, TX and usually takes place in July. We will update information on the tournament page as it becomes available. It is an event that no Blue Wave Boat Owner should miss.

Q. Are custom boat covers available?

A. We offer semi-custom made covers. The covers allow some slack for aftermarket accessories.  Please contact your dealer for availability and pricing.

Q. Which prop should I be using and how fast should my boat run?

A. Props are supplied by our dealers using our recommendations for the best matching prop for all-around use. Some owners are looking for specialized applications such as faster hole-shots or top-end speed from their boats. Aftermarket equipment like jackplates may affect the performance of the recommended prop. You should contact your local dealer for prop information.