The 2400 Pure Bay Experience

My first experience with the Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay was in one supplied to me for a tournament. I was excited to be in a trout tournament and excited to be trying out a new boat for the first time. I had heard nothing but good things about the Blue Wave Pure Bay, but this was my chance to put it to the test. As I backed the boat onto the ramp, I noticed I was not the only one admiring the sleek lines and beauty of this new boat. The shiny black sides were reflecting the shimmering water as she slid off the trailer and sparkled from end-to-end.


Cranking up the 250 HP Suzuki, I was amazed at how quite it was. You had to listen hard to hear it was running. Take off was at a designated time so we idled out away from the dock and waited for the start. When the time came up I throttled down and she jumped on plane in a matter of seconds. Accelerating even more as I trimmed her up it was like driving a sports car. A dozen boats had all took off at same time and churned the water in to a turbulent mess. The Pure Bay cut through the choppy water like a knife through butter and we jumped to the head of the pack. Coming up on a wake thrown out by a passing tug boat I just lowered the trim tabs a little and went right through it with hardly a bounce. At 24’ 5” she bridged the gap between the swells and handled the water like a champ.


Cruising down the channel I got a chance to relax for a moment and take in every thing the Pure Bay had to offer. The boat is not just long, but a full eight and a half foot wide, and storage every where. I had noticed that first thing that morning when I was stowing away my rods. Storage for ten rods in the lockable forward lockers, room for four more in the recessed gunnel rod holders and six flush mounted in the console. Tackle and gear storage was not a problem either. There are built in trays for Plano tackle boxes under the flip back seats and a large lined box on both the back corners. Another two boxes up front that can be used for fish boxes or dry storage and another in the deck. The boxes are fully lined and insulated and have drains. The lids are closed molded finished with dry seal gaskets, so they not only look good but are functional.


Upon arrival at our fishing spot I was wondering if the boat could get up in the shallow flat where we like to anchor. It did not take long to find out, the boat comes standard with a 10 in. jackplate, so I was able to raise the motor and we were easily able to get into water that was less than knee deep with room to spare. A boat that handles rough water extremely well and still goes shallow; a rare combination in a boat.


With great anticipation we put down the optional power pole and jumped out to wade to our favorite spot. Fishing was tough; it always seams to be in a tournament. We grinded for hours throwing every thing in the box at them to only come up with four trout. Most tournaments now have a live weight in with a big penalty for a dead fish, so I was real pleased to see the extra large live well in this boat. It has a high speed aerator pick up and an additional recirculation pump with a great bubbler in it. The fish were swimming and doing fine in that big 50 gallon live well.


Our next stop was a place we like to drift fish so I got to see another aspect of the boat. There were only two of us, but with a large casting deck both front and back, the boat could have handled four or five guys fishing very easily. We never caught another fish that day but still ended up in third place.


I now have a 2400 Pure Bay of my own and operate my guide service from it. It is my office, my shop, my business. My clients ride in comfort and I can go out on days when many other fishermen are turning around or just not launching. I can’t say enough good things about this boat, it has a list of standard features that are expensive options on any one else’s boat. The thing you can’t see on casual observation is how this boat is constructed. It has a stringer system like no other boat in the industry. The stringer system gives the deck 360 degrees of support, is all composite and foam filled. From the steering wheel and the latches to the ladder, every thing is stainless steel except the leaning post and it is aluminum. The other thing you can not see is the commitment of the Parks family. They have been building boats for 40 years and are committed to building quality boats. They strive to continually update and improve their designs and give the customer the best boat possible.


Don’t take my word for it. Go by your nearest Blue Wave dealer and check out the Blue Wave line. Take a test ride, these boats sell them self on the water. They have a large selection of models in varying sizes to fit the needs of most boaters.


Captain George Knighten

Knighten’s Guide Service

Galveston Bay, Texas

January 2012

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