2024 1900 STL

If your passion leads you into the shallowest spots...you need the 1900 STL!

If chasing tail in skinny water is your thing the STL is the boat you need. The exclusive Blue Wave tunnel design gets a steady flow of clean water to your prop to maximize speed and fuel efficiency. The tunnel design raises your lower unit to spin inside the tunnel, when equipped with a jack plate the lower is higher than bottom of boat for getting into…and out of the skinniest water.  So go ahead… explore the shallowest waters you can find!

As with all Blue Wave Boats the STL is an extremely stable fishing platform, and an incredibly dry when underway.  The overall layout of the boat provides what an angler needs…high gunwales when compared to other shallow offerings, deck space, fish boxes, and livewell capacity in a boat that is easy to work 360 degrees.

2000 lbs.
150 hp


Some options may be shown